Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Drawing draawing

So this week iv been caricaturing aswell as doodling been fun =)

Playing with symbols, the nappie, the blocks n the bottle, and also not all there facial expressions.

A doodle of myne which i inked

My first paying illustration work =) a caricature did for a friend, which was given as a birthday present =)

This week i'm doing a week long summer school which will teach me the basics of art history and how to write an essay the proper way, aswell as how to make my art mean somthing more than just a mixed statement =) more on that stuff later =D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keeping busy =)

So since my last post ive been bussy selling things and trying to undo the damage cristmas and paying for tafe did to my back pocket so being creative has been in the back seat =( i have been drawing a bit though and made some caricatures of people directly from facebook =)


and thats what i lfet behind when i left byron bay =) tiehiehie.

Other than that i'm looking forward to starting tafe again in february =) a year of just animation, creation and illustration, can only be grand =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Helllooo blog =)

Ahh the holidays thusfar have been grand,
iv saved a bit of money that made my backpocket happy,
spent alot more, but then again, whats it all for? =)

iv drawn alot and painted a little
watched the rains come
and got caught in a drizzle
But now the bloody sun is out

and i'm stuck in the fuking middle =S

righto thats enough horrible rhyming for now...

So painting with watercolors have been fun =)

above, just playing with watercolors

This is a scene from italy, and it is the first scene from a series of watercolor images i will produce =)


=) looking forward to a year with lots of creativity and hopefully lots of great animation =)