Monday, June 22, 2009

Animation illustration holidays and you

Hey kids =)
Over the holidays, to avoid getting rusty and to have a good play with animation me and bobbah are doing ians 48 animation challenge

Animate all or as many of these as you can =) anyone is welcome to join and i commend you to do so =) what i like about the challenge is you can animate in whatever style you like +) definitely playing with some more pixel animation hehe
and no matter how it turns out it can only be an improvement from my last pixel animation back in 2003 when i was 13/14 or something =)

=) i really like this piece of myne, not even really sure how i pulled it off =) what love does to you eh lol anyway now that you opinions about me have been tainted forever...


Also to keep all of you EVEN busier these holidays the super pets collab comic is due at the end of the holidays, lets say first week back =)

Whats due? your comic on A4 paper or A4 photoshop size, can be as many pages as you like, color preferred but not necessary =) good luck to all, give us a bell if you have any questions or queries =D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Motiongraphic Sketchbook

=) my sketchbook sofar this year, please take a sec to head over and vote =) it would help me alot =D

I remember watching this animation a little while ago, but iv come upon it again and its got just over 2 mil views =)

Always good to see animators are doing well, i really like this piece, i feel like hes really achieved that spark of life, which every animator should be striving to master.

Another nice 2d film using some rigging and a lot of 2d animation, this is definitely the balance we as the future animators need to strive towards in this current low paying, short deadline slump the world seems to be in ATM, this is from the Vancouver Film School by the way =) and you have to love it =)

Anyway let me know what you think about rigging animation and the balance between full 2d traditional and the rigged flash characters? whats acceptable? And breathing life into your character?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The italian maiden Marla

A few years ago i was wondering the web as i do, and i believe i saw it on and it was so beautiful then that every now and then i just havto watch it, so i'll wonder the web for hours looking for it, so i'v saved you the effort =) enjoy Marla

'Marla' is a graduation short film created in traditional animation in 2004 by a group of artists not limited to Alessandra Sorrentino, Alice Lia and Simona Ciraolo.

There are a bunch of concept sketches and all the beautifully painted backgrounds posted at
and i suggest heading over and having a gander =)
If you would like to have a peek at their latest works just head on over to

Alessandra - blog
Simona - blog

Defnitly worth a peek =) enjoy

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

created by blu, a german graffiti artist from berlin, he does amazing things with his spray cans, just search blu on youtube and you can see plenty of his amazing work =)

A short by hichem arfaoui from animation mentors online class =), there are a few free tutorials and peeks at how they do things, if you are intrested =)

this here is the blocking from the same animation =) really cool to see the before and afters, if you check the related vids section on youtube there are also a layout design and even a 2d animatic =) if you'd like to see how they work =D

Also ran into these awesome scrabble ads =)

Hula from Scrabble on Vimeo.

Sumo from Scrabble on Vimeo.

Yoga from Scrabble on Vimeo.

So cool =) really like the style and how the music fits and makes it all seem rather edgy, reminds me a little bit of andrejs style

CHARGED - Animated Short Film from Collin T on Vimeo.

This one is very nicly animated and has a cool little plot line =)
Produced at Algonquin College in Ottawa Canada =) plenty of cool animation related places in Canada =D if you where thinking bout traveling =D

Below.. the majestic moose =)

This is from a head model andrej chucked onto the m drive =) defnitly get it, its fun!

And these are my acrobatic maya poses for franky boy =D

yays for updates, hope you enjoed the animated pieces
short bursts of love