Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011 Projects in the bag

"A Shiny Minecraft tale"

Newgrounds Version with Medals

A collaborative Minecraft cartoon between my good friend Zekeyspaceylizard (yes he still lives) and myself. Steven Thornely is the brilliant composer of the lovely score.

All in all I'm happy with how it turned out, now I can get back to playing Skyrim.. the game that never ends.

Other 2011 projects include the backstory of the Willvasaurus =)

Newgrounds version with medals

I also felt that battles to the death whern't over animated enough so I produced *drumroll* A battle to the death.

Newgrounds version with MEDALS

And also other bits a pieces including storyboards for a short film titled Shock.

I've also released my original graffiti art pieces. Some actual limited edition screen prints are in the pipeline. These will only be around $25. Much more affordable than the canvases(sooooorrrryyyy).

Let me know which piece you would like as a screenprint =)

I'm thinking these two =). Maybe have different back colors for the Duck Bomber =)

Anyway hope your having a RAWRlicious day

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A great big smile marks the satisfactory culmination of a successful project

Today I received the final score from Steven Thornely. He has been great and I think myself lucky to have found someone so music savvi to help out on the project =). I just sent him a few emails of gibberish and he managed to hammer and nail my demands into something quite impressive.

But I'm not going to share it with you =p. instead head over to Steven's SoundCloud and have a listen to some of his pieces =). Hehe Aint I a stinker.

Here are some shots from the film though =).

And the title page for an electronic press kit (some compulsory bit of bureaucracy)

Most of the film is complete and I'm looking forward to seeing it online and the response from the audience, fingers crossed for smiles and fist pumps.


Monday, October 3, 2011

I forsee sleepless nights and prescribe plenty of coffee

And so dawns the last 4 weeks of my UNI life. But no time to get sentimental, there is actually a pile of work that needs doing, before that monumental pissup at the end.

main thing on my agenda is my final semester minecraft film. Which is chugging along.

Here are some incomplete screen shots for the heck of it =).

I've also been apart of this years AlbinoBlackSheep TournamentOfFlashArtists, and somehow managed to get into the finals.

This is my round 2 submission

Despite the poor quality, due to lack of time, people still seem to enjoy it. Which is good. Its the main reason I create stuff =).

My Youtube channel is slowly chucking along to a 100,000 upload views. Which might not seem like much considering the YT giants out there. But its a small milestone which I will celebrate with a big hearty beer =).

I've decided I need to learn how to draw, I'd love to be able to master the pencil, it will just increase the general quality of EVERYTHING I do =)

Anyhow RAWR =)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Busy Busy once more

Uni has been up and running again for about 5 weeks, which has been keeping me busy animating and trying to write essays =S. I've also been participating in this years AlbinoBlackSheep TournamentOfFlashArtists, which has been interesting =).

This is my round 1 submission

I'll post a link to round 2 here once it gets released =).

This UNI semester I'm creating a short Minecraft cartoon intended for Youtube, along with Zekeyspaceylizard, a great animator and friend of mine =). It should prove a fun and exciting project =).

If you read my previous post you'll notice I ran a competition which is now closed and the prints sent to the winners =) I never really thought about all the effort that goes into sending things over seas, so hats of to all the people who do this kind of thing on a regular basis =).

We are almost in the 9th month of the year and my NewYears goal of attaining a million views is slowly becoming more and more difficult. I'll do an official count sometime closer to the end of the year =)

An image of Clinton beating a fox reporter, this was to be part of a freelance political animation which sadly fell though.

Here is an interesting video I found on youtube about contemporary society/culture and how people do what they believe in to try change the world. Entertaining and interesting =)

Anyway RAWR to you all

Monday, May 30, 2011

New cartoon and competition

New cartoon! =)

I'm also running a competition for some Loon artwork (details below)

The Newgrounds version of this toon has MEDALS and other interactive bits and bobs for shats and gaggles =D enjoy

The score is by the very talented Hamstercake, check out his page here

Competition details
Loon is a graffiti artist mate of mine who paints ducks in various different pop culture contexts. He has been so kind as to donate some of his art to me. These pieces will be given away in a competition to my YouTube community.

The conditions for entry are that you be subscribed to my YouTube account and Comment or favourite my new short gladiator cartoon titled; “A battle to the Death”. The winners will be picked on July 1st 2011 and will be notified via YouTube message shortly after. The Winners will have 3 days to respond to the message and provide an email for further contact or they forfeit the prize. These details will only be used for postage reasons and then discarded.

There is 1 major prize and 5 minor prizes to be given away. The major prize is a Loon spray paint on canvas duck riding a bomb, and I’m jealous to be giving it away. The minor prizes consist of 5 unframed signed and numbered spray paint on 300GSM paper works, a Spiderman duck and a BettyBoop duck!

I am happy to pay for standard sea postage but insurance or quicker postage will be the option and responsibility of the winners. The winners will receive the art work and nothing more or less.

Apologies for the formal bits but apparently you need all this information to run a competition. I guess it makes sense.

Anyway good luck and I hope you guys enjoy my latest cartoon =).

Much love


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Deadlines due dates and taxes?

First things first... introducing Mayor Awesome

For this months 11SecClub competition they selected some Bouncy happy cartoony audio =) So Mayor Awesome is a logical end result =)

Everything and anything seems to be due in the next 2 weeks so I've been trying to finish some projects, which has been exciting...
I've been trying to make a short anaglyph 3d Pre visualization with little success, but I'll get it working in the end said captain optimism.

I animated a short toon about 2 fighting gladiators in February and I've been wanting to finish it for a while, but organising music for it has been difficult. But I'm happy to say the project its up and running again =) Now I have one of my own projects on that crazy todo list of myne =).

Last night I was on an expedition with the Shock crew to check out the shoots location, which was cool and exciting. I'll post some pictures when I get them sorted out =).

I animated a terribly caricatured Nicolas Cage

The lesson I learnt (again) is never to start animating with just the head, get the keys and strong gestures first =).

And yes, if only I built something in minecraft my week will be fulfilled... but It'll have to wait untill next week =)

Thanks for reading =)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stand back boys i'm painting

I don't usually venture into trying to complete my drawings or adding details, so I thought I would give it a try. We have a pitch for Viko the Viking due in a few weeks and the judges consist of 3 females... so I present to thee a female friendly Viko the Viking poster =)

His ship sails the clouds as he travels the lands in search of fame, fortune and a hearty meal of course

Apart from that I've been working on my todo list and decided to take a day off and play some minecraft =) playing on a SMP server with no hacks =0 which is a new challenge and mining gets very addictive.

on with it =)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holidays V.S study breaks

Its been a fun Easter weekend away. Ate way to much chocolate and didn't touch my todo list which has piled up while I was lying on a beach and playing Pokemon green =).

I purchased this cintique pl550 at the start of the year and it has been fun, except for a couple of minor setbacks.

It was cheap and allows me to draw on the screen which is simply an experience in itself and well worth the 500 =) but the setbacks of this particular model are: low resolution screen, low color range, it heats up quickly, the edges of the screen seems to be burning and changing color. And finally I haven't yet had time to fix the pressure problems... Until tonight =)

Below is an image prior to pressure

And below are images with pressure =) it makes such a difference and adds so much control... if only i could figure out how to put colors together =).

=) I'm very happy with the pressure options, it brings my self esteem from talentless hack to just plain talentless, or hack, haven't decided yet =) and for 500 buks my wacom pl550 is simply awesome =).

So now that I've itched my creative side, time to jump on my out of control todolist =)

Friday, April 22, 2011

On the road =)

=) I'm off on holiday for a few days, to the beach =) which should be a lot of fun. I was hoping to add some more visual content to the blog this update, but i left it to late, and so now i am sad to present you with an IOU.

Here is a ruff animation I'm working on though =)
Trying to focus on acting.. and making the character look like Nicolas Cage =)

Happy Easter everybody =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A not so intelectual update

Lip Sync challenge number 1.
Select a piece of audio where the speaker doesn't speak regularly and with a decent amount of high and low pitches and animate just the mouth.

A Lip-sync oddity from Willva on Vimeo.

It is an interesting challenge because this particular speakers words are all mashed together, it was a tedious but fun process of figuring out shapes and sounds. Some of the animation is on ones.

Currently I'm working on 2 sets of storyboards for 2 films. The first is Shock, a live action film about a teen with the power to absorb.. Well power =)
And the other for an animated film, Full Rotation. Both films have interesting and fun cinematography challenges. I'll post more as I can =).

I've also been working on a series bible for a short web series that i may or may not pursue, but thus far it’s been a fun and enjoyable process.

It is about Viko, an obnoxious Viking adventurer in search of selfish glory and the title Hero, but he doesn't yet understand what it truly means to be a hero. Viko travels to different kingdoms under the violent wrath of Loki, the god of mischief. Viko has to solve problems and do battle to defeat Loki and save the kingdoms from evil. This would be a fun project to pursue because although the story seems childish, it will be run on violence and grown up themes.

and yes =), rant complete

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On the tip of an iceberg, about to dive

So I’ve wrung out my to-do pile very much the same way I would wring out a wet cloth which has absorbed lots of water. All that remains now is little bits and pieces, so for now I’m happy. But the next 2 days will bring 3 new projects. Which will occupy all my spare time, very much the same way squatters occupy an empty house or the way a hemorrhoid... well you get the idea. =)

Anyway this week I animated to some audio focusing on hand animation.

He's a pretty good liar from Willva on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The end of March draws to an end =)

Although i have been tending to my todo pile, it seems to continue to grow in size and potential to crush me. Like an innocent cartoon snowball rolling down a steep snowy mountain, gaining momentum, speed and mass as it accumulates any and all it comes into contact with.

Thats a bit over dramatic =) but it sounds cool and how often is it one can make that specific analogy =)

Anyway heres another animation challenge, I decided to do it thrice... because reading a brief and understanding/implementing a brief are 2 entirely different things *the little adviser on my left shoulder informs me.

Siiiiid the not so solid from Willem V.A on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Onwards and upwards and twirling =)

Yes so back to it and animating away.

My todo pile has reached the roof, so there is plenty to do both theory and animation based, but all in all I'm enjoying myself =)

This was last weeks animation challenge/task =) 3 walks

3 terrible walks in a semi amusing animation from Willem V.A on Vimeo.

*insert apologies and excuses for prolonged time since previous post here* And we are clear =)

willva =)