Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011 Projects in the bag

"A Shiny Minecraft tale"

Newgrounds Version with Medals

A collaborative Minecraft cartoon between my good friend Zekeyspaceylizard (yes he still lives) and myself. Steven Thornely is the brilliant composer of the lovely score.

All in all I'm happy with how it turned out, now I can get back to playing Skyrim.. the game that never ends.

Other 2011 projects include the backstory of the Willvasaurus =)

Newgrounds version with medals

I also felt that battles to the death whern't over animated enough so I produced *drumroll* A battle to the death.

Newgrounds version with MEDALS

And also other bits a pieces including storyboards for a short film titled Shock.

I've also released my original graffiti art pieces. Some actual limited edition screen prints are in the pipeline. These will only be around $25. Much more affordable than the canvases(sooooorrrryyyy).

Let me know which piece you would like as a screenprint =)

I'm thinking these two =). Maybe have different back colors for the Duck Bomber =)

Anyway hope your having a RAWRlicious day

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