Monday, November 16, 2009

The Stanleys 09

Yep, thanx to Jules Fabre and the Australian cartoonist association the four of us packed our bags jumped on the plane and headed for Sydney to attend the 2009 Stanley awards, which in short completely ROCKED.
We arrived not knowing what to expect but soon fell in love with the huge and pretty city of Sydney. Besides being directionless tourists we managed to make our way around and to the nova hotel which is where the Australian cartoonist association hosted the event.

The festivities started by heading off to the ABC centre where we attended an exhibition of pat Oliphant and other well know AcA member’s work (think I’m going to be on TV mum =D) Which was great since us small town wanabee animators got to meet and mingle with some very talented artists (should definitely mention free coffee )
The conference was overall a big eye opener as to where we might end up as creative individuals. And I’m overall pretty cheering I got to meet Tom Richmond and Pat Oliphant, who kindly signed copies of their books for me.

Tom Richmond caricaturing albert einstein =)

About Pat Oliphant =)

All at attendance where lovely people and all have great senses of humor and plenty of talent and where happy to share their expertise, as Sarah discovered as she was swarmed by a group of impressed AcA members while sketching and caricaturing at the ABC centre.
Sadly I wasn’t ready for the Stanleys, and didn’t create a portfolio to show around, but I’ll definitely be ready next time =) and it would be good to do some research on some of those that might be attending prior to going =) so I know who I’m speaking to ,what questions to ask and how dirty my jokes can be.

Sydney is definitely a lot more artsy than Brisbane, there wasn’t much graffiti from what I can see, but there were a lot of murals on high buildings, statues, memorials, and just overall a lot of esthetically pleasing works for the public. Not to mention the couple of museums and art exhibitions. Btw contemporary art is completely bolics. We attended the museum and had a walk through some of the most unimaginative imagery that I have ever seen, and I have internet access.

But anyway Sydney is a beautiful city and to all who haven’t been I recommend going, but taking a big pile of spending money is definitely the way to go, but don’t use it to catch taxis, spend it on books, booze, or hurling yourself out of an airplane and take plenty of photos, cause I bet like us you’ll be wishing you could stay a bit longer all the way home =)


Now be sure to visit Tom Richmond's blog =) hes got some great carticatures and caricaturing tips on there =) enjoy


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So with tafe and the skool year slowly coming to a grinding halt, and all the deadlines for assignments and projects either past or imminent, we animators stare blankly with a big smile in glorious awe or realization that we are first year animators NO Longer!

Next year we will be the ones greeted by a the gazing blank stare of a new set of strange faced first year wannabee animations. Anyway "over adjective" realisation speech/blurb over.

I'm excited, for me and a few fellow animators are setting our sights for Sydney and the caroooooonist convention where we will get to meet Pat Olifant and Tom Richmond along with a large array of Australia's elite illustrator community... jealous? +)

But not to worry we will be sure to snap up lots of photos of both Sydney and the convention to share among the rest of the group =).

anyway here is a 7min piece i threw together for my articulation pathway into Griffith =) its got some bits and pieces of work spanning from all over my project timeline but probably some more recent stuff including my stop mo and a rare piece of editing i did in multimedia (for xbox) =) enjoy

-much love

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Projects =)

over the past couple of months iv been covered in projects which iv been trying to complete

My parts for the 3d owin wilson piece the whole class participated in =) character animation in maya and the rig is max