Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So with tafe and the skool year slowly coming to a grinding halt, and all the deadlines for assignments and projects either past or imminent, we animators stare blankly with a big smile in glorious awe or realization that we are first year animators NO Longer!

Next year we will be the ones greeted by a the gazing blank stare of a new set of strange faced first year wannabee animations. Anyway "over adjective" realisation speech/blurb over.

I'm excited, for me and a few fellow animators are setting our sights for Sydney and the caroooooonist convention where we will get to meet Pat Olifant and Tom Richmond along with a large array of Australia's elite illustrator community... jealous? +)

But not to worry we will be sure to snap up lots of photos of both Sydney and the convention to share among the rest of the group =).

anyway here is a 7min piece i threw together for my articulation pathway into Griffith =) its got some bits and pieces of work spanning from all over my project timeline but probably some more recent stuff including my stop mo and a rare piece of editing i did in multimedia (for xbox) =) enjoy

-much love


  1. Hey Will

    If you ever re-edit that clip, put the 3D work at the front.

  2. Cool Will. Nice to see you working with different techniques and styles. I'm glad you're sticking with animation and seem to be lovin' it. It's great that you're actually doing the hard work of animating, animating, animating, as you have a lot of work to show for it.

    Keep it up.