Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FIlms i look forward to

How to train your dragon.. which we will be enjoying thursday =)

which is due to hit our theatre screens july 9 =) another field trip =)

The illusionist

I would love to see this film, and when i feel like buying somthing i'll haveto putchase it and have it sent over =)

and last... not quite a film but if this was made into a feature film, i would probably sit through the whole thing

Friday, March 26, 2010


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gentleladies and Gentlemans and those who decide otherwise

This post is to propose that once again, we attempt a collaborative comic, the idea itself has been discussed and tossed around since the start of 2009 and I feel it my duty to remind us all of the fact that our time together is short, for next year we will all be trying to find work and go our separate ways.

But that’s another half year away =) so for now we can try and create something fun, something we can maybe look back on from our future famous animator position and have a giggle.

“But I don’t have the time” YES “assignments” “work” “sexlife” all these things take up your precious time, but the fact of the matter remains that if you don’t make time, you’ll never have any, if your too busy now at the laid back fun facilities of TAFE, then you’re sure as hell not going to have enough time to create anything personal when you’re working.

So if you’re still reading I gather your interested =)


21cm width
21cm height
Panels .5cm

DUE: Before end of year
Story ideas and ruffs DUE by 19th April (about 4 weeks) so we can have a critique and collaboration of ideas not just different artist’s art in the same book.

Would be lovely to have a fully fledged collaborative level 3, animato comic =)

Thanking you =)