Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holidays V.S study breaks

Its been a fun Easter weekend away. Ate way to much chocolate and didn't touch my todo list which has piled up while I was lying on a beach and playing Pokemon green =).

I purchased this cintique pl550 at the start of the year and it has been fun, except for a couple of minor setbacks.

It was cheap and allows me to draw on the screen which is simply an experience in itself and well worth the 500 =) but the setbacks of this particular model are: low resolution screen, low color range, it heats up quickly, the edges of the screen seems to be burning and changing color. And finally I haven't yet had time to fix the pressure problems... Until tonight =)

Below is an image prior to pressure

And below are images with pressure =) it makes such a difference and adds so much control... if only i could figure out how to put colors together =).

=) I'm very happy with the pressure options, it brings my self esteem from talentless hack to just plain talentless, or hack, haven't decided yet =) and for 500 buks my wacom pl550 is simply awesome =).

So now that I've itched my creative side, time to jump on my out of control todolist =)

Friday, April 22, 2011

On the road =)

=) I'm off on holiday for a few days, to the beach =) which should be a lot of fun. I was hoping to add some more visual content to the blog this update, but i left it to late, and so now i am sad to present you with an IOU.

Here is a ruff animation I'm working on though =)
Trying to focus on acting.. and making the character look like Nicolas Cage =)

Happy Easter everybody =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A not so intelectual update

Lip Sync challenge number 1.
Select a piece of audio where the speaker doesn't speak regularly and with a decent amount of high and low pitches and animate just the mouth.

A Lip-sync oddity from Willva on Vimeo.

It is an interesting challenge because this particular speakers words are all mashed together, it was a tedious but fun process of figuring out shapes and sounds. Some of the animation is on ones.

Currently I'm working on 2 sets of storyboards for 2 films. The first is Shock, a live action film about a teen with the power to absorb.. Well power =)
And the other for an animated film, Full Rotation. Both films have interesting and fun cinematography challenges. I'll post more as I can =).

I've also been working on a series bible for a short web series that i may or may not pursue, but thus far it’s been a fun and enjoyable process.

It is about Viko, an obnoxious Viking adventurer in search of selfish glory and the title Hero, but he doesn't yet understand what it truly means to be a hero. Viko travels to different kingdoms under the violent wrath of Loki, the god of mischief. Viko has to solve problems and do battle to defeat Loki and save the kingdoms from evil. This would be a fun project to pursue because although the story seems childish, it will be run on violence and grown up themes.

and yes =), rant complete

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On the tip of an iceberg, about to dive

So I’ve wrung out my to-do pile very much the same way I would wring out a wet cloth which has absorbed lots of water. All that remains now is little bits and pieces, so for now I’m happy. But the next 2 days will bring 3 new projects. Which will occupy all my spare time, very much the same way squatters occupy an empty house or the way a hemorrhoid... well you get the idea. =)

Anyway this week I animated to some audio focusing on hand animation.

He's a pretty good liar from Willva on Vimeo.