Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holidays V.S study breaks

Its been a fun Easter weekend away. Ate way to much chocolate and didn't touch my todo list which has piled up while I was lying on a beach and playing Pokemon green =).

I purchased this cintique pl550 at the start of the year and it has been fun, except for a couple of minor setbacks.

It was cheap and allows me to draw on the screen which is simply an experience in itself and well worth the 500 =) but the setbacks of this particular model are: low resolution screen, low color range, it heats up quickly, the edges of the screen seems to be burning and changing color. And finally I haven't yet had time to fix the pressure problems... Until tonight =)

Below is an image prior to pressure

And below are images with pressure =) it makes such a difference and adds so much control... if only i could figure out how to put colors together =).

=) I'm very happy with the pressure options, it brings my self esteem from talentless hack to just plain talentless, or hack, haven't decided yet =) and for 500 buks my wacom pl550 is simply awesome =).

So now that I've itched my creative side, time to jump on my out of control todolist =)

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