Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Busy Busy once more

Uni has been up and running again for about 5 weeks, which has been keeping me busy animating and trying to write essays =S. I've also been participating in this years AlbinoBlackSheep TournamentOfFlashArtists, which has been interesting =).

This is my round 1 submission

I'll post a link to round 2 here once it gets released =).http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

This UNI semester I'm creating a short Minecraft cartoon intended for Youtube, along with Zekeyspaceylizard, a great animator and friend of mine =). It should prove a fun and exciting project =).

If you read my previous post you'll notice I ran a competition which is now closed and the prints sent to the winners =) I never really thought about all the effort that goes into sending things over seas, so hats of to all the people who do this kind of thing on a regular basis =).

We are almost in the 9th month of the year and my NewYears goal of attaining a million views is slowly becoming more and more difficult. I'll do an official count sometime closer to the end of the year =)

An image of Clinton beating a fox reporter, this was to be part of a freelance political animation which sadly fell though.

Here is an interesting video I found on youtube about contemporary society/culture and how people do what they believe in to try change the world. Entertaining and interesting =)

Anyway RAWR to you all

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  1. YOU FREED THE GILLARD GOVERMENT?! That made the small child inside of me cry, willus.

    The music for this ' RAW'KS '. :) that horrid pun was a present just for you.