Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Motiongraphic Sketchbook

=) my sketchbook sofar this year, please take a sec to head over toNewgrounds.com and vote =) it would help me alot =D

I remember watching this animation a little while ago, but iv come upon it again and its got just over 2 mil views =)

Always good to see animators are doing well, i really like this piece, i feel like hes really achieved that spark of life, which every animator should be striving to master.

Another nice 2d film using some rigging and a lot of 2d animation, this is definitely the balance we as the future animators need to strive towards in this current low paying, short deadline slump the world seems to be in ATM, this is from the Vancouver Film School by the way =) and you have to love it =)

Anyway let me know what you think about rigging animation and the balance between full 2d traditional and the rigged flash characters? whats acceptable? And breathing life into your character?

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