Monday, June 22, 2009

Animation illustration holidays and you

Hey kids =)
Over the holidays, to avoid getting rusty and to have a good play with animation me and bobbah are doing ians 48 animation challenge

Animate all or as many of these as you can =) anyone is welcome to join and i commend you to do so =) what i like about the challenge is you can animate in whatever style you like +) definitely playing with some more pixel animation hehe
and no matter how it turns out it can only be an improvement from my last pixel animation back in 2003 when i was 13/14 or something =)

=) i really like this piece of myne, not even really sure how i pulled it off =) what love does to you eh lol anyway now that you opinions about me have been tainted forever...


Also to keep all of you EVEN busier these holidays the super pets collab comic is due at the end of the holidays, lets say first week back =)

Whats due? your comic on A4 paper or A4 photoshop size, can be as many pages as you like, color preferred but not necessary =) good luck to all, give us a bell if you have any questions or queries =D


  1. Nice work Will. Keep everyone animating.

    If animators are not using Maya for their animation explorations, don't forget to open Maya at least once a week and create a pose or two. :)

  2. T^T todays the last day i'll be near a computer until the end of the week, and then its only for a day. I'm afraid i'll have to stick to planning animaton on paper, and batdog. Good luck to you and babbeh!