Sunday, July 19, 2009

Astro buggers off and sir licks alot

Astro buggers off and Sir LicksAlot are pretty much what iv been doing with my holidays =) and the newgrounds version ofcourse =)

Astro Buggers off which i just released outside of the collab it was originally created for, with a couple of extra bells and whistles, specially in the sound and music department =) I'm happy with it, and thanx to Sam Hafts great voice talent the piece works rather well =)

Sir LicksAlot which is my submission to the superpets collab which everyone hopefully worked on these holidays, its on the final draft and will be complete this week with color and lines made with a pen! oooh that's always good.

=) I'll be back to normal posting again

Let me know what you think bout Astro Buggers off, preferably on youtube with comments and ratings and naked shots of yourself of course =)

Much love, the type that could be considered quite creepy

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