Wednesday, June 3, 2009

created by blu, a german graffiti artist from berlin, he does amazing things with his spray cans, just search blu on youtube and you can see plenty of his amazing work =)

A short by hichem arfaoui from animation mentors online class =), there are a few free tutorials and peeks at how they do things, if you are intrested =)

this here is the blocking from the same animation =) really cool to see the before and afters, if you check the related vids section on youtube there are also a layout design and even a 2d animatic =) if you'd like to see how they work =D

Also ran into these awesome scrabble ads =)

Hula from Scrabble on Vimeo.

Sumo from Scrabble on Vimeo.

Yoga from Scrabble on Vimeo.

So cool =) really like the style and how the music fits and makes it all seem rather edgy, reminds me a little bit of andrejs style

CHARGED - Animated Short Film from Collin T on Vimeo.

This one is very nicly animated and has a cool little plot line =)
Produced at Algonquin College in Ottawa Canada =) plenty of cool animation related places in Canada =D if you where thinking bout traveling =D

Below.. the majestic moose =)

This is from a head model andrej chucked onto the m drive =) defnitly get it, its fun!

And these are my acrobatic maya poses for franky boy =D

yays for updates, hope you enjoed the animated pieces
short bursts of love

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  1. Brilliant post willus! And as for your poses? awesometastic. :D They're soooooo nicely put together. I can tell what max -an i suppose what maxxet?- are thinking and it looks like you've pushed the model far but not too far. Really nice stuff.