Sunday, May 31, 2009

Story telling Magic? and weeping

Being a student with his sights set on the creative animation and illustration industry, I’ve heard a few things about some awful employers and their sly tactics, so be prepared for clients pulling some of these...

That watched and after weeping a little in the corner, I was reassured by some comments made by industry professionals that there only a handful =) and that most clients respect that you've spent so much time perfecting and honing your skills.

Here are other creative types poking fun at one of these demanding clients =) have a read and a laugh

Story telling ability

the ability to construct a sequence of camera shots, to accuratly portray the feeling/emotion of the film. The viewes brain should have to do nothing more than tune out and pay full attention to the preformance. Film technique/story telling ability

I keep coming across these animated pieces where the animator doesn’t apply any of the 12 holy principals or any animation concepts but basic moving from a to b.

Now the reason these are still watchable is cause the story is being told in such a way to keep you watching and interested.. even with minimal animation. Now if we could learn this story telling ability and get really good at it and combine it with our other arsenal of skills there would be no stopping us.

37mil views on the tube can’t be wrong =)

this one had success on newgrounds but due to this creative portal being blocked to us by the great hand from above heres the tubed version

Now this week iv stumbled across some cool stuff =)
The Vancouver film school =) which seem to pump out some awesome stuff
check out some of these and make sure you subscribe to their channel for updates on animated goodness =)

I also really like this 2d film their students created =) so pretty and it reads so well.

The Vancouver film school seem to know the secret of story telling and their students are enriched with this Story telling ability to create visual interest to keep you watching =)

Now we need this skill so i suggest after we read the book below, at the dead of night we kidnap the best ones =) COMON how badly do you want it lol

and yes this is a real book

Make sure to have a have a peek at the SUPERPETS collab and join in =) why not eh



  1. I liked the VFS clips. As for the unicorn...

  2. charlie the unicorn =) prolly the MOST watched animation on the web.. 37 mil views on youtube, just goes to show how powerful a good flow of story telling technique and a funky story line can be =)

  3. Funky???? I thought it was just the allure of 'majic mountain'. hehe. I, NEED that book. MWahahahahah. Good thing tafes near a couple of rich kid schools, eh?

    Brilliant post, willus. I Especially loved the short about how under appreciated people and their products are. wooo!