Friday, May 29, 2009

Collab fun =D

hey kids =)
So we'll finally be getting some time off (4 weeks =D) from our busy assignment schedule and super pets is on the todo list =)
If you haven't though of your super pet yet, the best time is now =) can be as silly as you want him/she/it to be =D

each page will be A4 sized
page limit...well not really a limit but try not to go to far over 5
anything else you want =)

So how to create your own super pet piece

1)Think up a super pet, easy peasy =)

2)think of an epic or not so epic story your pet will feature in

3)do some rough drawings, figure out, what you want your pet to look like

4)storyboard out your comic, just be rough, make little thumbnail sketches so you
get the ideas and the story down!

5)Redraw your thumbs this time thinking about layouts and structure putting a bit more detail into it =)

6)Now just redraw your thumbnails on your A4 pieces of paper =) making sure your comic reads well.

7)Onwards to finishing your comic however you want, you can scan it in and finish it digitally, you can ink and color it on paper, anyway you prefer =)

And yeah =) it'll be good fun, first actual published work =D
plan is to try pitch it to some publishers or we can try to flog them ourselves lol but although this is a student piece, quality is important =) and i know you are all capable of creating pretty drawings =)

so My superpet
Meet Sir licksalot =) I'm not a 100% happy with the design or the color choices just yet but so far i like him =)

If you have any troubles or problems please don't be shy, talk to either Sarah (ze loud one) or myself =)

smiley face

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