Tuesday, July 13, 2010

girl blink test

blink test for my film digital prisim.

critique invited =)


  1. Nice, I like the secondary action of the hair. The blinks look good, just a thought, maybe the second blink could be brought forward a few frames to make the animation snappier. As if she was focusing on the flower.

    I like the background art of... Brisbane... Sydney?


  2. A double blink for two thoughts? One for the flower and then another for her attention grabbed off screen left?

    The blinks read clearly Will. Maybe adjust the spacing on the first part of the blink, where the eye closes to get a snappier blink.

    I noticed your class mates 'soften' their female blinks by adjusting the timing for the eye close to be 3 frames, then a 2 frame eyes closed hold and a 4 frame open. The 3 frame close, allowed them to add another inbetween that favoured the closed pose, which 'softened' the blink. It was based off the Richard William's 'Animation Survival Kit' formula.

    Good to see you working at this. How is the project re-design progressing?