Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Wow, when i think of a year, it sounds like a long time, but we'v already left january behind =S, only 11 more to go till the big 2011.. crazyness, defnitly play less xbox and focus more on animation and illustration right =)

Anyway here are some skecthbook bits =)

I like doodling walking figures =)

This might be the title for my short narrative film =)...maaayybbeee, or maaaaayyybee its just a horrible drawing i did of a cup, trying to scuffle for an idea to make a film from =) either iether

Some quick caricatures from "bus people"

A caricature of Jess from my animation course, its not 2 successfull =( but yeah i like the cartoonie-ness, if thats a word haha =)

This is a artsy fartsy bit i did on technology and how it is starting to take over the world and changing social behaviours, when was the last time you talked to the person nxt to you on the bus? aye aye?

=) and das ist das, that is that, ...done =)

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