Friday, February 19, 2010

Mayas balls

Maya Vs 3dsmax.... 3dsmax destroyes maya in usability and modeling ability, but maya is a little nice to animate in, that said its still a horrible method and i wish the guys over at autodesk would hire a bunch of animators to work with them to improve the usability. At the moment maya is a huge over complex moster of a program built on shaky foundations, lets hope the future is a little brighter


  1. Send them an email Will.

    No, I'm serious.

  2. The thing is. Maya is still regarded the basic training tool for industry animators who want to pursue film or TV careers.

    Side note: AnimationMentor also trains their students in character animation in Maya.

    However, if you want to pursue games animation in Brisbane, knowing how to drive 3D Studio Max is the standard.

    I agree that Maya is better to animate in.

    I think that improving user friendliness in any animation tool (software) would benefit everyone.

    I enjoy your point of view posts.