Tuesday, April 14, 2009

90's cartoon tribute collab

Hooray i can finally say that's all folks, Iv spent the whole of today animating. 10 am to 10:30pm, with some breaks =)

willva's 90's cartoon collab parts from Willem V.A on Vimeo.

This has been my on going project for the past month and a bit, originally planed to have 5 scenes, but due to the deadline i was forced to cut out the dexters lab piece and was left with the 4, jetsons, pokemon, yogi bear and porkie pig =). although its still quite crude and can have so much more added to make it shimmer and shine I'm still quite happy with the end result =)

lesson learnt, biting of chewable pieces will allow me to focus on quality rather than quantity
Animated by me Willem Wynand Van Aswegen.
Voiced by Sam Haft
Special thanx
Mummy and daddy
Willie Van Aswegen
Tone Booth
P.s let me know what you think ;)


  1. Will, it is great to see you animating. Using reference material that inspires you is a good way to maintain the interest.

  2. I got sick of the massive workload and the deadline tho. although the backgrounds arn't that great it was fun making them. good old watercolor can't go wrong =)