Thursday, April 9, 2009

Super Pets collaborative comic

Dear Animation comrades

Sharah the brilliant has been pushing the idea of a published collaborative comic for a little while now, and now seems a brilliant time to have a go.
The basic concept is super pets and will allow you to go nuts with your own creativity, the final goal being at least one published collaborative comic.

What you must do
Everyone interested must comment on this post.
By the end of the holidays should have a ruff storyboard of their comic complete, so 20 April.
The comic will be finally published on portriate A4 paper for easy reading =)
You can divide your page as you see fit but i'm going with average 9 blocks a page and the dividers are .5cm between the blocks and 1cm from the boarder. But you might not want borders, do as you please =) and enjoy

Start thinking and when you have an idea let me know so i can post it on "ZE LIST" =) oooh zelist

oh and fear not the logo will be changed =) if someone would like to design one that's fine as well =)
All contribution will be subject to contributor vote =)
Happy drawing
and happy holidays

lots of tender soft caring love -will

Ze list
Sharah: Batdog (dog)
Olly: ManSpider (spider)
Will: Sir licks a lot (dog)
Harry P: SpiderMonkey (spider or monkey, its a suprise! +D)
Rachel A: Wombat =)
You? (it)


  1. hahaha MAN SPIDER!!!! should be good. everyone get into it!

  2. Damn right Olly. XD I'll post some of the prelim crap I've done of Batdog and Batguy when my printer/scanners fixxeded.

    but yes: JOIN!!!

  3. BTW: your witch beats the crap -or maybe turns her into a wombat, or boils her in that cauldron, as is a witches want- out of my witch. She's AWESOME!

  4. LOl yeah right, my witch exist on a singular 2d plane with heaps of eyecandy shading, your's lives =) and yeah i'm doing Sir licks a lot, he's a dog with a gimasive tongue =) delicious =)