Friday, April 24, 2009

Animated hands and my inner child design

Up top design before animating my inner child which might sprout into a music video if my plate empties a little bit, i mean who doesn't love obese fat guys with massive saggy boobies effected by gravity and momentum to emphasize their true beauty

WILLVA hands
Just under 200 pictures of hands, drawn in about 5 solid hours of paper animation. So all put together it could still benefit from more frames, but lesson learnt, plan out smooth motion before jumping into key frames and inbetweens.

ruff Hands by willva from Willem V.A on Vimeo.

Gaining a more solid understanding of how to work my cartoons so that i can fully utilize the 12 principles of animation =) practice makes close to perfect eh =)


  1. Hey nice work. You got the hands down and you added a real zippy timing to it to. I still cringe when it comes to animating hands but you tackled that one full on.

  2. Hi Will, I think this is really good work. I might have to frame by frame it because I think there is a frame with a few too many fingers in there. But I really like that you have acknowledged and applied the principles of physical animation on hand animation. Keep at it. You are prolific. If you keep animating and overcoming challenges at this rate, you will be very good at this craft.

  3. Thanx frank and jeff =) i'm trying to make as many mistakes as possible so i can learn from them, i think just jumping in and making a big screw up of everything is the best way for me to learn =)

  4. Will,
    I heard your dispirited comments about this in class and was interested in seeing it. It's really impressive! I love the motion blur "stretches" in the movement! Sometimes the volumes changed too much but, well, your comment above is right and it's a big plus how you jump in and just DO/animate! Your passion for what your doing, your velocity AND humility make you a big encouraging plus to have in our class!