Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walking the walk assignment

Originally animated on paper, scaned into photoshop for coloring and animated and put together in flash i can honestly say this piece was pain in the ass and although paper animation gives you an awsome sence of freedom, without the right hardware, like a digital SLR camera setup over a pegboard it just ends up being an extremly long process. But i will defnitly be doing a lot of main layout keys on paper and then scaning them into flash and using it to assist animation =) anyway hope you liked it... leave us a comment and let me know what you think

Walking the walk animation from Willem V.A on Vimeo.


  1. Hey Will,

    It's great to see you posting up so much of your work. I think this walk has pushed the envelope a bit. I wonder if you have put too much head turn on the character, to the point that it does not look correct. She also slides along in relation to the background (that part takes a bit of maths ore experimentation to solve). I think on this assignment your animation quality may have suffered due to the work you put into other aspects of the whole piece. Remember to get the animation correct first, I think. Then worry about the polish. How about trying a stickman standard, sometimes called 'vanilla' walk cycle and posting it up to shut me up on some of these points. Keep animating. I admire you effort and work rate.

  2. Hey Will,
    Its funny, seeing everything put together makes its hard to see your animation. I mean it would be great to see the linetest.
    Once again I think you have a good sense of the volumes and mass of the character, which is something I have trouble with :P
    I like the background style and the character design, its just a bit hard too see the walk cycle against the colours and the camera move.

    Good job man.

  3. Will, congratulations for having the guts to animate this difficult walk! Yes she slides and her head twists too much but I really want to see you continue to animate her until you get it exactly how I know that you can see it in your head. I really like this and am really impressed with how you jump in with passion into you projects. This version does not do justice either to your background which looked really atmospheric and amazing and panned really well in the full version Terry showed us.