Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ze Tiny update

Right so Currently waiting for 2 animations i did for collabs to be published =)
1)the newgrounds streetfighter colab which can be read about here.
of which this is my part currently sitting on 1900 views =) yays

And the 90's cartoon collab which can be seen a couple of posts down =) and can be read about here

No new animation today tho, but I'll upload some frame by frame paper animation next time round =)

If you would like to have a look at my animations and stuff just head here, its got all animations iv ever done and published from the past 7 years =) So i was 13 when i started so don't judge to harshly lol.


Right so planning is going quite nicely, we've got 6 participants so far =) so if you would like to join schnell (faster in German) =)

Ze list
Sharah: Batdog (dog)
Olly: ManSpider (spider)
Harry P: SpiderMonkey (spider or monkey, its a surprise! +D)
Rachel A: Wombat =)
Jake: Qbear (bear)
Will: Sir licks a lot (dog)

So besides working on my course projects I'm currently researching for a series of shorts I'll be making in due time =)

anyway good one to you and yours =)

here are some picks


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